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A while ago Jason Sage suggested the wisdom and beauty of this poem apply quite naturally to programming. He was very, very right - so with apologies to the unknown original author:

3ccl35145735: 3

1 There is a time for all things; 
    a season for every activity under heaven:

2 a time to hack it together and a time to refactor the mess;
    a time to be clever and a time to be featured on thedailywtf,

3 a time to throw descriptive exceptions and a time to return false;
    a time to release early and a time to refrain from releasing at all,

4 a time to think about the problem and a time to ask stackoverflow
    a time to copy from a random forum post and a time to wish you hadn’t,

5 a time for getting on with work and a time for reddit
    and for hacker news and dilbert and xkcd and penny arcade,

6 a time to GET and a time to POST; 
    a time to sanitize the database inputs and a time to sanitize the database inputs properly,

7 a time to make the method public and a time to make it private again; 
    a time for dynamic typing and a time for runtime errors on the production server,

8 a time for the strategy pattern and a time for switch {}; 
    a time to argue about it and a time to regret not arguing enough,

9 What does the programmer gain from his toil? I have seen the burden God has laid on men.

10 He has made everything beautiful in its time,

10a Except C++

10b And PHP

10c Don’t get me started on actionscript, OK?

10d Fucking actionscript

11 He has set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what He has done from beginning to end,

11a nor indeed what they themselves were doing yesterday when they tried to implement memoized tail-recursion using templates.

12 Everything God does will endure forever, but with any luck my code will be deprecated in the next release.

12a Or at the very latest the one after that.

12b Oh please God don’t make me maintain this for the next twenty years.

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